Best Carpet Cleaner For Stairs


Looking for a good carpet cleaner for stairs then you are at the right place; our expert will give you a complete guide so you can choose the best carpet cleaner for your stairs.

In today’s world, most people spend a good portion of their time on their feet. That means that they spend a lot of time cleaning their carpets, whether it is the floor in their house, or the stairs leading to their bedroom. If you’re in the market for a carpet cleaner for stairs, then you’ll need to make sure that you get one that is the right size for the job.

Otherwise, you could end up wasting money, and having to buy another carpet cleaner for stairs, but how can you make sure that you get the best carpet cleaner for stairs.  In this post, we’re going to walk through how to determine the right size of stair carpet cleaner.

The carpet is a major component of any home or commercial space. It protects the floors from wear and tear and makes the space look great. However, the carpet can get dirty over time. This dirt can cause the carpet to look dull and worn. In order to clean the carpet, you need to have a good stair carpet cleaner. You can also hire a professional to clean the carpet for you.

Well vacuum cleaners are Holy Grail product that eases our life from regular traditional cleaning, they work best to clean dust and dirt, the best carpet cleaner for stairs does more than that.

Let have a brief overview on what a stair carpet cleaner are and how they actually facilitate us


Carpet cleaners for stair make use of a mix of specially-formulated cleaning products and strong brush heads to get deep into the carpet to remove dirt that has been ground in. In many instances the stair carpet cleaner machines can also revive carpets, making it appear like new and fresh.

The stair carpet cleaner machines can complete this demanding task thanks to their clean and filthy tank. The water and any cleaning products are kept in the clean tank and when you pull the trigger, the solution is sprayed on the carpet before being reabsorbed to the dirty water tank.

What is the Best Carpet Cleaner For Stairs of 2023?

  1. Hoover Smart wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner
  2. Vax ECB1SPV1 Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner
  3. Bissell Compact Hydro Wave 2571E Carpet Cleaner
  4. Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro
  6. Hoover Onepwr Spotless Go Cordless Carpet Cleaner
  7. Bissell ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Best Carpet Cleaner For Stairs 2022

1. Hoover Smart wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G, Turquoise


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hoover Smart wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner. If you haven’t, it’s a great time to start reading about it. And if you’re wondering why you should read about it, then keep reading. 

It is an authentic all-singing and dancing stair carpet cleaner machine. It is easy to use. Two cycles of the machine were enough to get rid of the tough stains. It also left our carpet slightly damp after each use, but the carpet appeared to be restored and lifted. It helps us to remove both the fresh and stubborn stains. The Hoover Smart wash is the best carpet cleaner for stairs and is easy to use and has many features that make it a great choice for homeowners who want to clean their carpets.

The Hoover Smart wash Automatic functions worked and all controls were simple to operate and the handle was comfortable because of the soft silicon coating. It’s on the large side, and it will require space to store it, however its handle on the carry will aid when moving it around.


  • Tank Capacity :3.5 L
  • Weight: 18.4 pound
  • Dirty Tank Capacity:1.9L
  • Tools : 2.5m Hose , 2 in 1 Antimicrobial , Spin Scrub Hand tool , Accessories Bag 
  • It does great job for cleaning stains without destroying the fabric of your carpet and leaves it fresh and new
  • Cleans carpet quickly and easily
  • Save to use
  • Bulky Product
  • The Hoover Smart wash is an expensive Stair Carpet Cleaner
  • Not so user friendly comes with a user guide so you have to go through the guides before using the device

2. Vax ECB1SPV1 Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner


With the help of Vax’s Platinum Stair Carpet Cleaner just a few steps over the stain was required to get it removed completely. The carpet felt and looked fresh.

The pre-treatment tool was helpful, too, since it let us concentrate on the most difficult stains, and the 4.6-metre pipe meant that cleaning the stairs was an easy task. A tool to clean hard floors is also available, which is easily attached to the bottom of the cleaner. It made our floor dry and dry. The upholstery attachment helped in the cleaning of the interiors of cars and sofas.

The power max vacuum cleaner is designed to provide powerful suction and a high-quality filtration system. The vacuum is designed to be an all-purpose carpet cleaner for stairs and for any floor surface. The vacuum features a built-in motor with dual cyclonic technology, which allows the vacuum to clean both floors and stairs. It has a large dirt cup that is able to hold more than a gallon of debris. This stair carpet cleaner vacuum also has a crevice tool that is able to clean hard-to-reach areas.


  • Tank Capacity:3.5l
  • Weight:9.6kg
  • Dirty Tank Capacity:2.9l
  • Tools: Upholstery cleaning tool , scrub brush , hard floor cleaning tool , pre-treatment wand solution , cleaning solution
  • It can be used on all types of floor
  • Great to use on carpet , rugs and cleaning the upholstered furniture
  • It also has a one-touch button that lets you control the motor speed.
  • It is easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Not easy to maintain
  • Makes a bit noise
  • Not so eco-friendly

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3. Bissell Compact Hydro Wave 2571E Stair Carpet Cleaner


The Bissell Hydro wave is an excellent choice for homes with carpeting that is heavily soiled. We tried it with both the Express Clean and Deep Clean settings. First completely removed tea and mud stains in just two passes and most of the wine stain and the latter was able to remove all staining within one sweep.

The head is small enough to easily clean stairs as well, meaning you’ll have access to the carpeted areas in your house. Our only complaint was that the cleaner went out in a narrow stream rather than an extensive spray that meant it covered less of the area in one step.


  • Tank:1.7L
  • Weight:5.6 kg
  • Dirty Tank Capacity:0.6 L
  • Tools: Cleaning solution
  • Cleans the carpet with the hot water
  • Most powerful & compact model
  • Does great job and have automatic shut-off features
  • Machine made to be used in small areas
  • Not as effective as other Stair Carpet Cleaner
  • Does not have Hepa Filter

4. Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro


Out of the three settings we discovered Express Clean was best suited to the everyday grime as it was able to remove stains after many sweeps however, Deep Clean and Max Clean removed them in one sweep. We suggest applying Max Clean once or twice every year to safeguard your carpets.

The stair and upholstery attachments were equally effective. The head for upholstery cleaned seats and sofas thoroughly by spreading the cleaner effectively and efficiently getting into crevices and corners. It’s noisy when it’s in use and the upholstery was left slightly more damp than we’d preferred after cleaning. With these issues aside it’s a good buy.


  • Tank:3.7L
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Dirty Tank Capacity:4.5L
  • Tools: Upholstery cleaning tool m stair , tool ,hose m, accessory bag
  • It has a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the heat output to your pet’s needs.
  • It also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the temperature from a distance
  • It is not easy to maintain
  • It uses hot water which means that you have to make sure that your water heater is large enough to provide enough hot water for the cleaning process.
  • It has a few downsides when it comes to cleaning
  • It is not very easy to clean the brush of this vacuum cleaner. And, it is not very easy to clean the crevices of this vacuum cleaner.

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Carpet cleaning machines are available that you can utilize in your home. In our test, our carpet was left looking almost shining, with only tiny traces of mud, and the majority of the staining was eliminated off our hardwood floors too. The Deep Clean setting did leave carpets quite wet, so make sure to only use it on very large amounts of soil. We suggest instead opting for the less effective Quick Clean setting for lighter staining and refreshing.

While this stair carpet cleaner appears heavy but we found it to be a breeze to move around and carry up steps. It comes with a wide range of accessories which includes a handy crevice tool to reach difficult corners, as well as an aqueous cleaning fluid bottle. They can’t be kept in the cabin, but the drawstring bag comes with.


  • Tank:4.7L
  • wieght:8.4kg
  • Dirt Tank Capacity:4.7l
  • Tools: Spin Scrub , 250mg platinum solution , wash tool , crevice tool
  • It is also easy to use
  • It does not require any special tools
  • It is also very powerful and can be used to clean large surfaces in a single pass
  • It’s a little hard to use, it’s a bit pricey and it’s bulky.
  • This Stair Carpet Cleaner does not have any drawbacks. It is a great product.

6. Hoover Onepwr Spotless Go Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner, Portable, Lightweight


Just noticed a small amount of moisture remaining in the carpet right after we used it and, after drying, the carpet’s colour did not change and there were no water marks that could be observed.

This budget-friendly Stair Carpet cleaner was user-friendly thanks to the easy-to-use controls and clear instructions. Its crevice tool makes it an excellent option for cleaning car interiors. Cleaning up mud took some effort and scrubbing, but it was worth the effort; this machine left our carpets sparkling and free of stain.


  • Tank Capacity:1.1 L
  • Weight:2kg
  • Dirt Tank Capacity:0.72L
  • Major comes: Crevice Tool , clean-up tool , 2-in-1 wash tool , carpet cleaning , hard floor cleaning , cleaning solution
  • It has a dual action system that uses a combination of heat and pressure to clean your carpets without the use of harsh chemicals
  • It can be used on any type of carpeting and it can even be used on hard flooring.
  • The Spot wash Home Duo Carpet Cleaner for stair is very affordable and can be used in any home.
  • It does not do a good job cleaning carpets. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner.

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7. Bissell ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner


Like vacuums and other Stair Carpet Cleaners, finding an outlet for your carpet cleaner could be a nightmare. But not this one as the plug-in design has rechargeable batteries which makes life much easier. It was easy to use, with strong controls and a comfy handle. The machine glided smoothly across carpets well, too.

There was a bit of bubbling coming from the cleaning product dispenser, and we noticed a bit of dampness on the carpet as well as upholstery after we had cleaned. However, after letting them dry they were both restored to their original condition.

Of all the dirt types that we tested it on tea staining proved to be the most difficult to eliminate, but in the end it succeeded in lifting them making it an effective Carpet cleaner for stair.


  • Tank capacity:2.25L
  • Weight:9.2 pounds
  • Dirt Tank Capacity:2.95 L
  • Major Comes :
  • Battery ,cleaning solution , multipurpose attachment  ,pet attachment , squeegee attachment , wash tool m hose tool , charger 
  • It is very easy to use and can be used in the home or in the office.
  • It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including tile, hardwood floors, carpet, linoleum, vinyl, and more.
  • The spotless go cordless spot washer is also very easy to maintain.
  • It does not have a built in soap dispenser.
  • It does not have a drain hose
  • It does not have a built in stain remover.


In conclusion, there are so many types of carpet cleaners for stairs available these days. There are those which are designed to clean carpets in all conditions, including on stairs. They are also portable, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go. Stair carpet cleaner also come with a wide range of features, such as the ability to remove stains and odours from the carpet. Carpet cleaning machines for stairs are also ideal if you have pets, as they don’t have any toxic chemicals that could be harmful to your pets.


1. What’s the best way to clean carpets for stairs?

The best way to clean carpets for stairs is to use a vacuum cleaner with a stair brush attachment.

2. What do I need to clean my stairs?

Before you start cleaning your stairs, you need to make sure they’re clean. You should also make sure your stairs are free of dirt, dust, and hair.

3. How can I get my stairs clean?

The best way to clean your stairs is to vacuum them.

4. What is the best carpet cleaner for stair?

The best carpet cleaner for stair is the Hoover SteamVac Pro. This is because it has a power head and an upholstery attachment. The steam attachment is great for cleaning upholstery, and the power head is great for cleaning floors.

5. How long does it take to clean my stairs?

It takes about an hour to clean your stairs.

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