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It may require some time and hard work but don’t get worried. You will learn how to get slime out of Carpet. 

Carpeting at home can be an essential part of your living space. It protects your floor. It protects your feet and adds warmth and comfort to your home. Unfortunately, there are times when the Carpet in your home gets dirty or stained or sometimes kids slime stuck in the Carpet but don’t worry; there are tons of ways with the help of them you can get slime out of your Carpet. 

Slime is an unsightly substance that builds up in carpets over time. It can be challenging to remove slime from the carpet, which can cause permanent damage to a carpet’s pile. This post will show you the best methods from which you can learn how to get dried slime from the Carpet.

So here are the best top 6 methods that will help you to remove slime from the Carpet. These Steps are also applicable to dry slime and will also help you to get dry slime out of the Carpet

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Best 6 Steps To Get Slime Out of your Carpet


Step: 01 Use a paint scraper or knife to gently remove the dry slime out of the Carpet

Use of a paint scraper or a knife to gently remove the slime from the Carpet crap off as much loose as you can as you go inside with the slime puddle’s edge towards the center.

Note: If you use a paint scraper, scrape only in the direction of the carpet’s grain. It won’t damage the fiber of your carpet.

Step:02 1/3 cup hot water with 2/3 cup white vinegar added together to form a Solution

Mostly slimes contain ingredients like borax and glue, so you need vinegar to break them down. The mixture should remain undisturbed until it has reached room temperature. Then, this solution is going to be poured over the dry, clean sponge. Using the sponge, soak the stained area with the mixture. Let the solution rest for 10 to 20 minutes.

The mixture will start dissolving the sticky material. Once the solution has dissolved the sticky material, blot the area thoroughly with a clean cloth or paper towel. Carry on this procedure until the stain is gone. Do not rub or scrub the part because it will only worsen it. You can do this procedure yourself in 10 to 20 minutes. It will cost less than buying a commercial carpet cleaner.

Step: O3 To Remove Slime From The Carpet, Use A Scrubbing brush

The easiest way to get the dry slime out of the Carpet is to use a scrubbing brush. Make sure that you get the brush with some bristles. These bristles will help you to clean the Carpet. It would be best if you are looking for a scrubbing brush to help you get the dried slime out of the Carpet. You can use a toothbrush.  

You can use a Shoe brush to clean up the carpet. You will need to scrub the slime away until it is completely gone. Don’t forget to use soap. Once the dirt has been cleaned, you should vacuum the carpet. You can use a low-pressure vacuum cleaner. You can also use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner to clean up the carpet.

Step: 04 Pat the area of the Carpet with a fresh, dry towel

Wipe out the entire surface. It is essential to use a dry towel. You can use a white cloth towel to clean up the carpet. It is recommended that you use soap. The best way to clean the carpet is to scrub the area with soap. Make sure you wash the soap thoroughly. If there is no soap, you can use baking soda. If you are satisfied with the result, then we can move to step no 5

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Step: 05 If the slime has left its dye colour on your carpet, use the oxy clean spot treatment solution 

If the slime has left its dye colour on your carpet, use the oxy clean spot treatment solution to clean the dye out of your carpet. Let the solution rest at room temperature for about 1-5 minutes. Then gently wipe the solution with a dry cloth.  

Step 06: When you’ve dried the Carpet, vacuum the area 

This process will help remove any tiny bits of slime stuck in your carpet fiber. It will make your carpet look new again.  


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Tools and Product Require To Get Slime Out Of The Carpet.

Paint Scraper: While a butter knife from your kitchen drawer will do the trick, we recommend a paint scraper since it has a more extensive surface area and, consequently, is more efficient in eliminating dust from the carpet. Whatever tool you choose, ensure it’s not too sharp and could damage the carpet.

White Distilled Vinegar: It is considered an effective solution for removing slime from your Carpet without damaging the texture or color of your carpet.

Scrubbing brush: Make sure that your scrubbing brush has a plastic bristle, not a metallic one. It should have a grip for easy handling; this allows the deep slime that has dried to fall off the carpet without damaging it.

Oxyclean spot Treatment: Utilizing an oxygen-based formulation that is water activated. This application helps to get slime out of the Carpet and eliminates the carpet’s stain, including the dye left behind by the slime. Dissolve the powder in a bit of water and apply it to the carpet with an unclean cloth.

Note: Make sure you wear gloves and spot-check before doing so.

Before And After Results


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The main things to do to get slime out of the Carpet 

The slime is loved by the kids but resentful by their parents are generally made from chemicals like glue, borax, or contact lens solution. Suppose you are in search of the household method of getting slime Out of the Carpet, so there is no need to worry about simply following our six steps and only a handful of easily-to-find household items, and you’ll have your carpet will clean within a matter of minutes.

Don’t use expensive cleaning products or tools that can damage the carpet. All that is required to remove the slime from your Carpet is a mixture consisting of water and white vinegar, a soft, gentle scrub brush, and a clean, dry towel or cloth to remove the existing stains.


1. How can I get rid of slime from the Carpet?

There are many ways to get slime out of the
Carpet. You can use a carpet shampooer or a steam cleaner.

2. What is slime?

Slime is a sticky, slimy substance found on carpets
and other surfaces.

3. How can I Get the dry slime out of the Carpet without a

You can use a damp cloth to get the dry slime out of the

4. How can I clean my Carpet with a carpet shampooer?

A carpet shampooer is a machine that sprays a
cleaning solution on your Carpet. It works by cleaning the fibers of the carpet
with the cleaning solution.

5. How long does this procedure take to dry my Carpet?

It will take about an hour for your Carpet to dry.

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