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Are you worried and curious about why your Roomba brush not spinning?

Nowadays, tech gadgets are life and time saviors that save us from the traditional method of doing many things. Roomba is a great device that will help you save time and perform a tedious job on your behalf. They might be better than you could in some instances.

However, just like other intelligent devices, these could fail. Today, we’ll discuss how to handle it if the side brush of your Roomba is not spinning.

There could be many possibilities of the Roomba brush not spinning. We’ll do our best to assist you in repairing your Roomba brushes with the help of our guide, which is based on the results of experimental research done by our professionals.

If your iRobot Roomba side brush is not spinning, the device is likely looking around your home and running a Mapping Run. It signifies that Roomba brushes aren’t cleansing itself in the process, which is why it’s not turning the brush on its side. It is also possible that the gears of the meeting might be worn-out, the motor might get damaged, or the brushes may get stuck in dirt and hair strands.

You might feel like fixing Roomba brush replacement. At first, it is difficult, but there is nothing like that; once you fix it, you feel like it is a piece of cake. This article will give you a complete guide about what each affected part of Roomba does, why it fails, and how one can fix it.

Don’t worry; we will fix it with our article’s help.

Side brushes form vital components of the side brushes of your Roomba. These are some of the likely causes Roomba brush not spinning. Also, what can you do about it? Each one


Possibility NO 1: MAPPING RUN


What Happened? 

Is your Roomba brush new, or have you reset it? There’s a good chance your Roomba is looking around your home if it’s. This process is referred to as the “Mapping Run” This occurs whenever Roomba tries to determine the areas it will clean in the future.

When the Roomba completes creating a map of the home, it will cleanse up more efficiently and efficiently. The problem with this Mapping Run is that the Roomba doesn’t clean the floor during this process. This is why it won’t rotate the Roomba brushes on their side or the primary ones until this process is finished


In this instance it’s the Roomba isn’t a problem. It’s just not cleaning your floors; therefore, it isn’t required to turn its side brush.

The Best thing to do is to allow the Roomba to complete its Mapping Run without interference. For instance, if you live in a huge house or a lot of space, the Roomba may return to its dock to recharge before continuing the mapping process. It will start spinning the side brush when it is ready to run.

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Possibility No 2: WORN OUT GEARS


Side brushes run on distinct components inside the Roomba’s central body. Each module comprises a small motor and various gears that supply the power for the brushes, which spin them at the right speed and the required torque to ensure the cleaning process.


Another common issue with the Roomba brush side is that the gears in the modules are prone to wear down over time. It means that the teeth of the gears reduce until they’re more there.

It will still function at the time it occurs. However, it will not transmit power through the brush side.

It means that the side brushes will not be able to spin.


The best solution is the replacement of the Roomba brush and the damaged equipment if there is a replacement. 


If that’s not an option, you’ll need to buy an entirely new side brush and replace the side brush entire set.

You can do this by removing the Roomba battery and the lower panel.

The replacement of the Romba brush procedure is simple. What you need to do is to take off the module first and after that, slide in the fresh one.

POSSIBILITY NO 3: Burned Motor


Every side brush that you have on your Roomba comes with a motor. It is in the same module which houses the gears, as stated in the last section.

The battery on board electrically fuels the motor. As the motor spins, it will turn the gears which cause the side brush to stop rotating or stops spinning in the right direction.


The side brush motors constantly operate when you set the Roomba to vacuum your floors. It means that it will experience lots of wear over its lifetime.

The motor could suffer excessive wear when it isn’t able to spin the side brushes smoothly. For instance, a dirty side brush makes it more difficult for the motor to rotate, increasing its load.

The motor’s temperature will rise and eventually die if this occurs for too long. Then it won’t be capable of spinning the side brush.



The only solution for a damaged side brush motor is replacing it all. 

Thus, you’ll have to purchase a brand-new module to replace the current one.

However, changing the module is easy. The first step is to remove the current one and insert the new one into the same space you have in Roomba.

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Possibility No 4: Entangled Side Brushes


Roomba features two side brushes on either side, right next to its front. The function of those side brushes is to move dirt toward the center of Roomba so that the main brush rollers can collect dirt and then dump them into the container on the board.

In many instances, those side brushes can often be the initial part of the Roomba that gets into the dust and debris on your flooring.


The side brushes of your Roomba can sweep small pieces of dirt and other debris. However, long strands of hair and dirt will cause an issue.

Remember that the side brushes connect to the Roomba via a screw. There’s a tiny gap between the rotating brush and the Roomba’s body.

Over a long time, the hair’s long hair strands and dirt can make their way into the space and extend around the base of the side brush.

At first, these strands may cause just some resistance, reducing the speed of those side brushes. But, in the end, the strands can grow and eventually entrap the side brush completely. In this case, the side brush cannot move in any way.

If this issue persists for longer than necessary, it could cause problems with the brush motor.


If your Roomba side brushes aren’t spinning, turn over the Roomba and look at the brushes. There’s a chance that dirt or hair is growing out of the brush.

Clean it by detaching the screw, which keeps the brush in place. As you raise the brush, you can remove any dirt that has gotten caught underneath it.

Reattach the side brush and make sure that it’s running. If the motor works and the brush spins without issues, you’ve successfully solved the problem.

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In conclusion, there are many reasons why the Roomba brush is not spinning. The most commonly cited reason is the fact that the brush is dropped. If you have a Roomba brush that is not spinning freely, you should read the instructions before using it.

If you still cannot spin the brush, then contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide you with the best solution for your problem. I hope you will find this article helpful enough to resolve your Roomba brush not spinning issue.


1. What is the Roomba brush?

The Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is designed to clean up dust you can’t reach with a regular vacuum, and a Roomba replacement brush is also available on the market.

2. What is the best way to use the Roomba?

The best way to use the Roomba is to place it on a level surface and turn it on.

3. How often should I clean the Roomba?

The Roomba must be cleaned at least once per week.

4. How long does it take to charge?

The Roomba will take about 8 hours to charge.

5. How to clean Roomba brushes?

To clean the Roomba, you will need to wash it in the sink with warm water and mild detergent.

6. What should I do if the Roomba brushes get clogged?

If your brush gets clogged, you can remove the brush and clean it with a toothbrush.

7. How do I fix my Roomba brush if it isn’t spinning?

Grab your Roomba, and let’s dive into it.
Step 1: Clean dirt from the brush. The first and most common action you’ll have to do is clean the dirt from the brush.
Step 2: Clean dirt from the gearbox and motor compartment.
Step 3: Lubricate the brush.
Step 4: Romba brush replacement
Step 5: Replace the Roomba.

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